Freeradius and multiple sessions

If you don’t get the appropriate stop packets for whatever reason and want to cleanup the backend in mysql, here is a really easy thing to do to find them sessions:

        INTERVAL AcctSessionTime SECOND) AS AllegedStopTime,
            INTERVAL AcctSessionTime SECOND),
    NOW()) AS DifferenceBetweenLiveAndDB
    AcctStopTime IS NULL
            INTERVAL AcctSessionTime SECOND),
        NOW()) > 3600

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And now pedestrians finally get fined

Following on from some woman ending up dead Police have taken a reactive step(again) and have started to ramp up jaywalking charges.

About god damned time.

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Swearing in NSW now costs $500, up from $150

Note that Police have specifically indicated the targeting of the words “cunt” and “fuck” with its derivatives when aimed at officers. Hah!–wtf,6130

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Pedestrians do not always have the right of way

A woman who was hit by a bus in Sydney’s CBD and trapped for two hours on Wednesday afternoon has died.

So let’s look at the facts: the bus ran over a woman as it was turning from one street into another. What was the pedestrian doing on the road? Crossing on a red light or maybe chasing the very bus. Either way, as a pedestrian, she somehow ended up on the road. Jaywalking can kill should be the story, but no, the shitty newsmedia is focusing on the grotesqueness of the accident. Referring to how the womans’ guts were wrapped around the rear axle, how she asked for her husband to be called. Great, let’s find out everything about this tragedy and for starters make sure that the bus driver gets help and support that he or she requires. Nothing justifies the grief that person is now going through regardless of my normal views on the quality of Sydney Transport bus drivers. Clearly we can take away a couple of useful lessons in this instance:

  • Don’t run near the road. Shouldn’t common sense kick in?
  • Wear suitable footwear. Thongs/flip flops/jandals are NOT appropriate footwear unless you are at a beach.
  • Be a better pedestrian: only cross on green, do not begin crossing on flashing red and cross quickly – it’s in your interest
  • No, your bus is not important enough to run after it, especially in peak hour.

Stay safe.

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Things that need to stop

1. Macarons
No, not macaroons you morons, macarons – the thing that even McDonalds now has. If Maccas has macarons, clearly the trend is fucking done. Over. Caput. STAHP!
2. Quinoa
Unless you have legitimate reasons for liking this particular abomination of a food, give me my gluten back and stop putting this horribly-named thing into foodstuffs it doesn’t belong in. Like my breakfast.

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#LCA2014 : Day 0, Day 1

Day 0: moved in, pub, registered at conference, pub, newbie session by Trusty Rusty, PUB, followed by an excellent meal at TQR Thach’s Quan Vietnamese.

That really about sums it up. Alcohol quota consumed in a day. Met new awesome people (Canberra seems to have a strangely high concentration of smart nerds) and caught up with just some of the others. Went to bed with a gurgling stomach of spicy food.

Day1: breakfast at the St George’s servery (legit uni name!). I think it’s their first day back or something because clearly the staff could not keep up with requirements for eggs and bacon in various forms. I hope tomorrow it will be a) less busy b) less faily. The eating venue itself is very Harry Potter-esque, just look at this:

In any case, breakfast aside, we heard an excellent keynote from Dr Suelette Dreyfus on whistleblowers and some related statistics, all of course spiced up by data on how people feel about information that is kept secret from the public. Wonderful speaker, succint topic, all kept everyone’s attention at a high level. The humorous codenames shown in the presentation files added flavour.

There was question time, that started off in a somewhat wtf way with some self-described philosopher-geek-doctor who had a speech prepared himself, not getting the whole “question time” need for questions to be asked. However other people properly heckled him off which sped up the actual useful continuation of that portion of the conference. It did seem odd however that having called the chap a “weirdo” in Twitter, some nerdgirl decided to jump to his defence by calling me judgemental. She must be new on this planet, so let’s forgive her. Anyone wasting time with their own agenda deserves to get told to fuck right off immediately.

The SysAdmin miniconference was also excellent, alas I missed the last bits of it for a very good reason. The earlier parts can be summed up with: Puppet, Chef, and their respective holywars, the details can be viewed at: so there we are.

Calling it a night early, tomorrow is definitely ERMERGERDERPENSTACK day. So much at this conf seems to be about OpenStack and related bits, I wonder why :P

Among things to read/investigate:

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LCA 2014: so close

After missing out on the LCA 2013(hosted by Canberra), I made sure work didn’t fuck up this years attendance for the Perth LCA 2014. Only a few days to go!

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Wheels on the bus go round and round …

Source article:

I haven’t been able to find this magic report that the article refers to, some things can still clearly be deduced.

  • The Gladis (minister for transport) has an idea that cutting stops out of a “rapid” route will speed the service up.

Well, suppose the Parramatta to CBD via Ryde route is always a well-known option that gets bashed about in these articles. It is already a limited stop service, it already fills to capacity well before crossing the Gladesville Bridge and removing stops will probably make it run faster if it wasn’t for a) overloaded bus lane along Victoria Rd b) a large number of regular buses c) throughput of buses/minute on major stops. The people that will miss out will just get on other busses running along the Victoria Rd corridor, slowing them down further and contributing more to the bunny hopping that happens around bus stops.

Sydney CBD is incapable of processing a large number of buses via its current CBD terminals. I remember taking a bus in from Ryde to Circular Quay and at best the stage from entry to the CBD via Western Distributor to CQ took 25 minutes. 25 minutes was also the time it took to travel the way from Ryde.

Remove the buses from the CBD, save people the need to breathe in fumes and the retarded 30 minute wait in peak hour for the bus to clear George St.

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